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please make more qwq its so good i HATE point and click games- but these are really enjoyable- many headpats for chu!!!

the hole in the wall inside of that big "turn back" door where you get the hair made me throw up



Barbie baby Ha? Nice..

I don't know what's wrong with you but damn man that's a creepy atmosphere. I love what you did with just simple things like pieces of paper and pill packets and make it look so disturbing. Keep it up ^^

Please tell me this isn't what's really under YOUR bed haha Not at all what I was expecting when stepping into your world for the first time. I'm absolutely intrigued by what I've experienced. It's awesome how you took real-life elements, combined it with a twisted concept and some game development, and BAM, something unique in its own right is created! I haven't played your other games yet, but I cannot wait until I do! 

I love all of your games so much!

Great Game.


Really love your style of games, it just has this feeling that there's something more than what's being shown. This was just as fun as the Game For Anna and was pretty straightforward but just as creepy. The photos in the CD, the stuff in the environment, everything just fit together and made each other so much more creepier. Really well made and was tonnes of fun to play!

great game!! Enjoyed it a lot :)

I really enjoyed this game especially the irl photo part I really enjoy that in a game.

Why is there something terrible under my bed?

Both a bit fun and creepy I enjoy it.

Posted this video on 25th of may and just forgot to send it here and say my opinion xD the game has a pretty cool aesthetic, pretty unique if I could say so and for some reason I get a pretty nice feeling playing this as a point-and-click, but anyways, this is a great game, well done. Also, are you going to make and post more games like these here? if you do and if it's paid, could you publish it on steam? The price is pretty high when it's in dollar as I use "Real Brasileiro", thanks anyways!

Welll this was hella CREEPY experience. Love the cardboard idea :D

First off I've never heard or played a game with this type of game play and style, so its very original with the cardboard maze under the bed ideaThis game made me feel nervous, like REALLY nervous. The whole time I was just scared to continue. it really put me on edge.10/10!!

Parts of this game really started to churn my stomach, such a good job! Loved how creepy it was!! 

I am certain that doll wanted to kill me! And why did it have so many blood trails!? 😭

Another great creepy game, keep them coming! 😁

The images look scary already

The wounded bear is terrible :)

This Was Super weird But not bad at all DesertFox! keep it up bro.

very uh. weird

Interesting game,the atmosphere was very creepy


Very interesting concepts. I love the arts. I genuinely felt some of it was actually really creepy and it helped me engaged the entire time. Really liked it and I can't wait to take a look at your other games.


Woahh, what a game. I thought it was pretty cool, and the whole point & click elements with layouts highly reminded me of At Dead of Night. I thought it was pretty cool how we had to double back to certain places so we can progress, although I feel like I missed out on something. Regardless, this alone makes me wanna play the other two in the series lol 5/5!

What a great game you have here I had a lot of fun playing this game. Great point and click game and a very fun story line. Definetely weird, but I like weird.Thank you for making this.


Another incredible job. This style is so unnerving and creepy. I can't help but feel anxious every time I did something to progress. I'm not sure how you do these environments but they are awesome. Just like Game For Anna, these games are memorable for just how different they are from most other horror games. Thank you for making it! 


so different i like it

Just as unsettling as Game for Anna and just as unique!


i loved the game about to record the last one keep up the amazing work guys <3 


The entire time I played this I felt creeped out.I don't think I got a definitive ending, but either way, it's clear that a lot of effort was put in to create this. I enjoyed it! Great work!

love the old school point and click Nostalgia on this game very enjoyable and really creepy I would like to play more :D


Amazing game. I love the atmosphere and pics visual are really creepy. 


Hello, I played this game and it was interesting, the concept was cool, although I wish there was a bit more sound effects and stuff there but over all it wasn't bad, good work :)

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so creepy


Congratulations great game...

I wait for you on the channel and if you like to subscribe

To the next one!

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