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Gameplay em português do Brasil!
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The game is okay, concept is awesome. Some of the item puzzles didn't really make intuitive sense to me. Also I had to play the game twice because the last scene takes forever and I thought I glitched the game.


Who is anna?? i want to know!! so good and very creepy!!


idk man

It is really surprising how creepy the game is from just still images, and how well the game creates subtext from a few images. It was really interesting to play, I loved the amazing visuals.

Hello. What engine was used to create this game?

Spooky, this is my first time i play game in this genre, and i like it soo much, great job dev, i love the ideat and the puzzles, the last one X door was hard but i found how to do it :)

here is my gameplay with all endings

Well done! Pretty cool. Neat. I enjoyed a lot.

Game For Anna


Found this game from randomizer and was not disappointed!!!! Very scary with no jump scares needed. Had to sleep with the lights on after playing this,lol. Great job! Will be checking out "Darkness Under My Bed"

This game is beautiful and artistic! I love the unique style and the metaphors for loss for childhood innocence! Its truly a beautiful and meaningful game. Its able to be scary with out being stressful! I highly suggest this game, and to the creator, thank you!

Tried out 'Game For Anna'!

My Gameplay + All the five endings.

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This game was absolutely brilliant! Really enjoyed this, loved how different it was, deffo gave me creepy vibes!
Keep up the great work!!

Gameplay below vid starts at 12:00

hello! I really really liked the feeling and tone of this game it reminded me of the old point to click horror games like exmortis! Heres my playthrough if you wanna see! 

This is a super trippy game. It's atmosphere is so effective at making you feel like something is coming for you. I don't even know if there is or isn't, but I wasn't about to wait to find out. Here is my playthrough for those more interested in watching:

I found some codes using the ultraviolet light but had no idea what to do with the coordinates. I tried clicking, zooming in, and all that. I'd love to look for more but ran out of time, maybe someone else is up for the challenge?

Thanks for making games!

amazing game ^^ about to play the last game <3 keep up the amazing work

This was such a fun and great game! I loved every moment of it. The aesthetic and atmosphere was really well done and enjoyed how things kept changing and there was more and more stuff being enveloped as you progressed. The memory part was pretty neat and a facepalmy moment once you realise the simplicity of it. Great game overall and a hundred percent fun and must try!

(Just my thoughts, but I think there might be way more to this game than just what's given, you've made such an intriguing and interesting yet spooky game!)

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whats scary about this is that my name is Anna

just finished the game i was too scared to open my eyes at sum points

Congratulations great game...

I wait for you on the channel and if you like to subscribe

To the next one!

DemoGames Play & Trailer - YouTube


Love the real-life work you put into this game! This is exactly what will always set indie games apart from the mainstream market :)

This is by far the creepiest game I've played in a while. I felt uncomfortable for the rest of the night after playing. Amazing job.

This one... oh god...


your secret is hard as fuck please make anything easier

very well done

This game is so good! All these little scenes are so amazing!!! So creatives! And the style feels like to adds so much to the game not just "style" for the sake of style! I would say I really enjoyed the game but it was so deeply unsettling I'm not sure enjoy is the right word. But still Very good! Where did you find the space to set up all these cool sets! Did you create one scene break it down and then build a new one or did you build the maze all in one go!

I'll be honest I was a little bit skeptical at first. Just because the creepy doll motif is so over used. But oh man was I wrong! That atmosphere is so good! You did such a lovely job of totally creeping me out without using in cheap jump scares or over the top gore! Sorry for the large brick of text!!!! 


Thank you! It means a lot! Your review was very nice to read :) Answering your question - I had to work in a very small space so I built each scene separately. For two and a half years I lived surrounded by cardboard boxes and toys xD

I remember when I played the Bad Dream series way back on Gamejolt, I told myself Desert Fox is my kind of man and I'll marry him when I grow up. Maybe I'm Anna? :) I enjoyed this game but it was really different. I loved the interactivity with the menu! I didn't manage to be scared because I kept imagining you putting all these daily normal items together in real life while making the game and it just made me smile :)


I'm immune to horror for the same reasons! :D Also... I'm way too shy to receive compliments like that :P

I'm immune to horror in general so you see, we're a perfect match :P But really, I enjoy when it's more atmospheric and clever. When it's too easy, relying a lot on blood and darkness it just feels cheap. And I bet you receive such compliments all the time actually!


Not really... But that's very sweet and I appreciate it :) I agree with you with the cheap horror. I also hate forced bad endings whatever you do. If you can't overcome the obstacle than what's the point :D You know what? I don't even care about the "horror stuff". It's not my main goal to make games scary. I like to confront dark themes and that's why I don't like bad endings. At the end of the day I don't want to say to someone with depression "you're helpless". Bad Dream: Memories have only one sad ending, but that's just life. I made Coma to explain that (to myself).

(I know you didn't ask, but that's my take on what I don't like in horror :D)

You're probably as humble as you're shy :D I can't say I've played many games where I was forced into a bad ending, but yes it's really aggravating when that happens. Like, I've done my best, you know? Why can't I have my happy ending :( (I do enjoy tragedy though, so I wouldn't be against a "bad" ending if it makes sense in a story). I like horror, but my preference goes to elegant, subtle, atmospheric horror. Leaning more towards mystery, that thing you can barely recognize in the fog over there, is it a monstrous creature or just a lamppost and its shadow? Or when NPCs say weird dialogue, did you hear wrong, or are they really this way? Etc. Depression is a tough one, they're not helpless but even though we try to help them from outside, true resolve is strongest when it comes from within oneself. You've made me nostalgic about the Bad Dreams series! I need to replay all of them. I only remember the Hospital one the best, because I really wanted to be able to get out without harming anyone. Even at my own expense I guess... (And no I didn't ask but it's very interesting to read, so please do tell :D)

I struggled with depression for most of my adult life, but today I'm not really affected by it  in my day to day life . That's why I know it's not helpless :D

I think I'll make a remake of the free Bad Dream games in the near future. But I'm not 100% if or when :)

I love this game, I've been playing it for a while. So far I've done three ending and it seems like there might be more? How many are there? I wanna keep going its so cool :D


THis game was straight up disturbing - good job! I'm it left me feeling like I had to look over my shoulder for the rest of my day 😅

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I found this game's proposal very interesting. Too bad I couldn't get the other 2 finals, but it's still a great game. Kudos to you!

Should not have watched this before bed. I enjoyed it though. 

I found the place where you put the coordinates but everything that happens is the screen is static and I didn't find anything else, could someone go further in the game? (obs: sorry for google english: D)

i got stuck here too :(


i found out what you have to do; the screen static resets the code. you have to find (or figure out) what the right order is, and click each x in order

One of the creepiest games I've played in a long time! Feels like there was more to find but I'm not sure. Either way loved it!

I love the bad dream series and when I saw this game was made by the same person I knew for a fact I was gonna love it!!! Now I have to replay the Bad Dream Series except this time do it on my channel!!! Keep up the amazing work hope to see some more games soon!!!

Excellent! and the gray color is so cool!



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nvm, the issue was solved, the game's amazing!!!

Deleted 1 year ago

Interesting game. Had a lot of fun testing it.


are u from poland? i saw polish words on books in game, hahah

W dużej grze jest na to więcej wskazówek :D

czuje sie jak sherlock holmes 😎

w ogole mam takie pytanie (wiem, szybka jestem, haha) skad zaczerpnales inspiracje do zrobienia tej gry? powiem ci, ze przez cala rozgrywke meczylo mnie pytanie "co tworca mial w glowie robiac ta gre" hah

Odpowiedź na to pytanie jest bardzo złożona. W skrócie kiedyś wziąłem sobie za wyzwanie zrobić grę opartą o fotografie. Mało jest takich projektów i chciałem wynaleźć coś nowego.

Z czasem wpadłą mi do głowy myśl o czymś w stylu "misji badawczej". Filmy z jakiś sond wtykanych do ciasnych korytarzy nie wyglądają najczęściej zbyt spektakularnie, ale za to silnie działają na wyobraźnię. To załatwiło sprawę statycznej grafiki porównywalnej z prezentacjami w Power Poincie.

Wydarzenia z tej gry, nawiązują do mojego dużego projektu. Z kolei wszystko co dzieje się tam jest wymyślone na potrzeby gry.

Ciężko mi rozmawiać na temat procesu twórczego przed premierą, żeby nie zdradzać za dużo.

mam coraz wieksza ochote zagrac w ta wieksza gre
a tak z innej beczki to wedlug mnie jestes bardzo ciekawym i  czlowiekiem, nigdy nie widzialam zeby ktos zdechle robaki albo szczury porownywal do cukierkow XD albo ta "naughty doll" tez mnie zaskoczyla (i zwiazywanie jej lina szczegolnie)

Hah! Wiesz, zarzuciłem znajomą osobę monologiem odnośnie "naughyt doll". Nie mogę jednak odkrywać tutaj swoich kart.

Ogólnie miło usłyszeć takie słowa. Te gry wykraczają raczej poza moją strefę komfortu i tworząc je musiałem ufać, że gracze podejdą do tego w "życzliwy" sposób. Czyt. "osoba tworząca te rzeczy była kreatywna, a nie szalona" :P

Great game, the puzzles were really interesting and I love the atmosphere you put together, looks like it must have been a lot of fun to put together all the sets that each picture used.

I found Anna's Doll so I'm pretty sure I completed everything but I'm still not 100% sure, I mean there is mention of a night vision mode on the camera plus a seemingly empty room with a dark spot in the background, so maybe I'm still missing something...


Thank you! There are 5 end screens in the game :) Night vision is disabled in this game. I left this to hint its existence for a big game.

I had to rush sets in this game so it wasn't as fun, but in general it was pretty cool. I hope I'll be able to make something more advanced in the future, because now my budget was very limiting.


Wow! This game was really cool! I found Anna's doll, and I hope there are more games like this! Top notch work! :) I really liked the use of hidden mechanics! When I went through every menu and was like WHAT?! THAT'S A THING? Once I figured out how to "save" the secret codes everything clicked and fell into place! Having all of the coordinates on the screen really provided a noticeable quality of life perk, I'm glad I didn't have to write down coordinates lol.

I'm following you and hope to see more of your work! Thank you for this thematic puzzle!


Thank you! It means a lot! I was kinda scared that this game will be uninspired. I made it in 6 days, and I used all of my ideas for "Darkness Under My Bed" (that game took me over 2 years to make). I was also afraid that people will find this puzzle tedious, so I'm glad you liked it :)

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