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many head pats for you!!!

this game is soooo good and VERY creepy, play if you dare, MUHAHAHA!!

Congrats! Sweet game as ever. Next -> Game For Ana and I'll replay your marvelous Series of 'Bad dreams'. Thanks from Brazil:

Darkness Under My Bed and Dumb Treasure(Demo)

My Gameplay + All the three endings.

Oof. Well you just made a sale. 

Very creepy game added it to my three free horror game as game 1

Welcome back to three free horror games. Today we look at another side of horror, the creepy side. Each of these games brings a whole new level of creep to the horror genre. With great atmosphere and creepy stories each of these games deserves a lot of attention.

The atmosphere always gets me! So creepy! 😭

Great work! Any hints on how to get the other ending?

The game weirded me out. It disturbed me, which is like a good thing. I really wanna see more. I replayed it a couple of times. Everything is just unnerving, it feels out of place and the environment is just haunting. This was a very well made just everything. 

Hard to rate / 10

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If you're looking for a truly creepy and dread filled experience then I HIGHLY suggest checking out the full release of this game. I played it very recently and I cannot praise it enough. The environments, the ambience, the atmosphere are all executed wonderfully. There is a LOT of content as well! I was extremely surprised at how much is there. Perfect for a casual player or completionist. Easily the scariest video game I've played so far.  


Congratulations... your game was also published on the channel...

I'll steal you 2 minutes to check it out and if you like to sign up!

Until next time