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Many years ago one sad and scared boy built a strange labyrinth under his bed. It was a prison for dangerous monsters, full of long corridors and narrow tunnels. The boy tried with all his might, but he couldn't fight back the beasts. They were stealing his favourite toys, souvenirs, treasures, memories... everything was getting lost in the abyss. On one memorable day, the most horrible of monsters reached out his hideous hands and took something that could not be replaced. A loss so big it would be unbearable even for a grown-up.

The boy was paralysed with fear for long months. The guilt was slowly poisoning the child's soul. However, today’s evening is special. The time for change has come. A small torch on a remotely controlled robot will shed some hopeful light on the darkness...

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Darkness Under My Bed (DEMO).zip 295 MB


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My Gameplay + All the three endings.

Oof. Well you just made a sale. 

Very creepy game added it to my three free horror game as game 1

Welcome back to three free horror games. Today we look at another side of horror, the creepy side. Each of these games brings a whole new level of creep to the horror genre. With great atmosphere and creepy stories each of these games deserves a lot of attention.

The atmosphere always gets me! So creepy! 😭

Great work! Any hints on how to get the other ending?

The game weirded me out. It disturbed me, which is like a good thing. I really wanna see more. I replayed it a couple of times. Everything is just unnerving, it feels out of place and the environment is just haunting. This was a very well made just everything. 

Hard to rate / 10

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If you're looking for a truly creepy and dread filled experience then I HIGHLY suggest checking out the full release of this game. I played it very recently and I cannot praise it enough. The environments, the ambience, the atmosphere are all executed wonderfully. There is a LOT of content as well! I was extremely surprised at how much is there. Perfect for a casual player or completionist. Easily the scariest video game I've played so far.  


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